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About PAG

flows from the whimsical mind of

Tacey with PunchArt Graphics WritesOns Customizable White Board

After graduating from art school, Tacey landed a highly coveted job with a prestigious design firm in Boston. With a keen eye for color and design, plus hundreds of commissioned murals to her name, Tacey soon transitioned to her own business, “The Artworks Shop” (later renamed “PunchArt Graphics”, affectionately known as “PAG”). Her work quickly stood out in the land of boring square signs, offering custom hand-painted die cut signs to her clients.

In 2002, a chance encounter with a friend introduced Tacey to the world of lunchroom design which enabled her to combine her skills as a graphic designer, interior designer, sign designer and muralist. A few years later Tacey also created LoveYourLunchroom.com which ultimately changed the game of lunchroom design and signage for school food service. To date, Tacey and her band of artists have worked with hundreds of school districts and continue to reimagine cafeterias and service lines for schools nationwide.

Ultimate Fun & Functional Wall Decor
Handcrafted One at a Time

In fulfilling Tacey’s long desire to bring her dynamic characters to life, she and the PunchArt Graphics team work hard to create the ultimate fun & functional sign products for you! All products, born and raised in our Worcester, Massachusetts shop, are intentionally handcrafted with high quality, durable materials.

Our mission is to create the best functional decor that make you smile and scream “Woot Woot!”. We would be so happy to hear how much you enjoy your PunchArt Graphics and would also welcome any suggestions or other feedback. Please drop us an email anytime, we’d love to hear from you!

So stay tuned - we have many more fun products coming your way!